Are you aiming to join the dental industry and become a dental hygienist? Do you feel that turning out to be one is your ultimate calling? If yes then it might be cogent if you discuss your plans with other dental hygienists who have already experienced what it is to be in the industry.  Although becoming a dental hygienist can be rewarding, it is crucial that a person who is seeking to be one must be informed of what he or she is getting into to avoid unnecessary regrets or frustrations.

Being a dental hygienist means a lot of room for flexibility.  Majority of dentists these days employ dental hygienists for various reasons.  These reasons can include part-time, full-time, and relief jobs.  Dental hygienists who have awesome organization skills have a chance of working from any places at any given time. Dental hygienists who have superb communication skills can arrange work leaves many days ahead. In addition, being a dental hygienist gives you the opportunity to choose your own time of accommodating your clients instead of the other way around. What an awesome perk! Job flexibility is something that is really hard to beat and can be very beneficial to individuals who have parenting responsibilities.

Another advantage that the profession has to offer is stability and security. Specifically, western nations and some Asian countries like Japan have older populations. So how does this translate to work stability and security? Well, as the population becomes more composed of older people, the higher the chances that the rate of periodontal disease will increase.  And this means a rise in demand for dental services. Moreover, there are still a lot of countries that are behind in terms of providing oral health care services.  And this guarantees more job opportunities for the dental hygienists.  As long as you have the right attitude and the drive, there’s no reason for you not to succeed in the field.

A decently skilled dental hygienist can make decent earnings.  But couple that superb communication talent, it means more profits.  Just make sure that you are a good negotiator when you are requesting for a pay raise from your boss.  Discuss with your employer things like commissions and of course, regular pay raises as long as you continue to improve your craft.  Befriend other dental hygienists and wheedle out some information regarding the other benefits that they enjoy. Remember that most dentists are inclined to be stingy because they are the business owners.  This is the reason why you need to be a tough negotiator but without being rude and annoying.  Be firm and state valid points to convince your dentist employer that you deserve other perks.

Being a dental hygienist is not all daisies and sunshine though.  The job entails some gross stuff like you will always be looking at the insides of people’s mouth and sometimes, it can be really exhaustive.  You can also suffer from repetitive stress injury because of lack of movement as you will spend the day cleaning a patient’s mouth.  Those who are aspiring to be dental hygienists usually forget to take into account these realities as they have this notion that working inside a dental clinic is very comfortable.

Another drawback of becoming a dental hygienist is that there is a high chance that you will feel an inferiority complex from time to time because you will think that you are nothing compared to the dentist. Remember, love yourself and love your job.  Contentment comes when you fully appreciate and enjoy the blessings that are given to you.

All in all, the rewards of being a dental hygienist greatly outweigh the cons of becoming one. If you are now 100% confident in pursuing the said career path then try considering mydentalhygienistschools as one of your school choices.