Losing weight is something that many of us have had problems in doing as although a good exercise regime and a healthy diet may achieve what we want, we all too often find it hard to keep up one or the other let alone both. It is probably without doubt that a strict diet and a vigorous exercise regime is the most effective way to lose weight but today there are some weight loss products that work and so we may be able to lose weight without the need for exercise or dieting or at least only a minimal amount of one or the other. Probably the most effective weight loss product to date was phentermine which was readily available in the 1960s and became very popular, allowing those that wanted to, to lose weight with just the minimal of effort. Unfortunately though, although it was effective, the FDA discovered that it had side effects, some of which were dangerous and many of which were detrimental to health.

The FDA therefore decided that the adverse effects that could be associated with phentermine were more potentially harmful to health than being overweight. Their decision was to therefore ban the use of phentermine as a weight loss product or anything else. Since then there have been many different products but most only offer limited effects and most also need to be accompanied by exercise and a diet. Today though there is one product that claims to be a synthetic version of phentermine and so can have the same weight loss benefits but without the added side effects. You can learn moreabout this product which is called Phen375, online but basically it has one major difference from phentermine and that is that the FDA have already done their research on it and their findings show that it has none of the harmful side effects that they had once associated with the original phentermine and they further found that Phen375 was safe to be sold as an over the counter drug and so did not need a doctor’s prescription by anyone wishing to take it.

As today there are probably even more people than there was in the 60s that would like to lose weight, Phen375 is expected to also become very popular. Although exercise and dieting are considered by most doctors to be the best way to lose weight, it can sometimes take longer than using Phen375 which is said to have amazing results in as little as just a few weeks. Even so, the best way to lose weight probably is by exercise and dieting because once you get used to them, you can just ease up a little and keep that weight off but by using any weight lose product, once the weight is off and you stop using it, the weight seemingly easily comes back on and once again you are faced with having more weight than you probably would like. Perhaps a bit of both is the answer, Phen375 plus a little exercise and a little dieting.