Addiction centers also known as recovery centers are places where addicts can go to receive assistance in quitting their addiction. Some of these centers like the South Shores Recovery in California, have good success records but the problem is that in order to help addicts, the addicts must first go to them and unfortunately, most addicts do not or if they do they have left it too late and the adverse health effects which can be caused by their addiction, have already set in too deep.

Although many people in the United States think that the main cause of such a high drug addiction rate in the country is due to foreign countries like Columbia, sending heroin through Mexico into the U.S, probably the drug with the most addicts in the U.S is methamphetamine or meth as it is more commonly referred to and this is usually produced in the United States, not having to be exported by any other country.

Methamphetamine was first produced in the United States as a drug to help with weight loss and was so successful, it became known as a miracle drug but that was in the 50s and much has changed since then. The first change came about when research into methamphetamine showed that although it may work as a weight loss drug, it had side effects which were more adverse to a person’s health than the few pounds they stood to lose due to taking the drug. As well as being discovered to have adverse side effects, it was also found to be very addictive and a drug which act as a tolerant which is a drug that seems to have less effect the more you use it and so you increasingly take more and more. This of course meant that the drug was banned and made illegal for any use.

Americans had already though been introduced to the drug and some of those people were already addicted to it. This meant that in order to meet their need, they turned to the illegal drug market where, as methamphetamine was easy to produce, dealers would happily provide what they needed. As well as being addictive and making people feel good that use it, methamphetamine is also known to make those people irritable, aggressive, anxious and paranoid and cause them to suffer from insomnia but that was not perhaps the worst as it could also cause problems with the blood and the heart, as well as the kidneys, liver and skin.

Although the mental effects of the drug may only last for about 6 to 24 hours, the effects to the other parts of the body can be far more long lasting and have been known to cause death. Obviously although the recovery centers can stop an addiction, they cannot always make amends to the liver or other organs which may have already been affected by the methamphetamine abuse. None the less these centers are a necessary facility to assist in lowering the addiction rate in the country.