There are a lot of misconceptions travelling around about what a chiropractor is, what these professionals actually do and what they are able to help their patients with. In some cases their credentials are underestimated, while in others chiropractors are believed to cure diseases and serious medical conditions. In fact, a chiropractor is a trained specialist who can alleviate symptoms associated with spinal misalignment without resorting to the use of surgery or medication. While most people are clear on the basics, there are still questions that make people unsure of whether chiropractic is the right course of treatment for them.

  1. Is a chiropractor really a doctor?

While a chiropractor is not a medical doctor, they are awarded the degree Doctor of Chiropractic after an intensive 4 or 5-year long specialized course of education. Depending on state laws, chiropractors may be referred to as physicians and even participate in minor surgeries, while in others they are providing chiropractic care exclusively. In any case, the chiropractor is a doctor and should be addressed and referred to as such, because after all, that is the title written on their diplomas.

  1. Can a chiropractor prescribe medications?

As we mentioned above, chiropractic is based on adjusting the spine to treat injuries, pain and other symptoms. Since chiropractors do not use any medications in the process, there is no need for them to prescribe them. This is stipulated by state laws, so don’t expect that your chiropractor will issue prescriptions for you. He or she, however, can recognize when alternative therapy does not have the necessary effect and can direct you to a medical doctor with their recommendations.

  1. Can a chiropractor order tests the way a medical doctor does?

Not only do chiropractors regularly order tests from labs, sometimes they perform them right in their clinic or office. For example, some well-equipped clinics allow for EKG, urine and blood tests, as well as metabolic profiles, ultrasounds and many more.

  1. Is chiropractic backed up by science?

Even though chiropractic started off as an alternative approach to medicine, it has come a long way since these founding years and is now under thorough investigation and affirmation by scientific organizations. The underlying principles of chiropractic are established and supported in scientific journals and are set at the base of the formal education all practicing chiropractors go through.

If after reading this you have become convinced that trying out chiropractic care may be beneficial for you or that you can be sure you will be taken care of professionally, don’t hesitate to make an appointment to start working towards your chiropractic wellbeing. Simply make sure that the clinic or practitioner you are about to visit are experienced and properly licensed, and that they offer specific care for the problems you are experiencing. If you are looking for the right specialist in Hamilton County, TN, look up chiropractor 37409 treatment&amp as a starting point in your search for the most appropriate chiropractic professional in your area.